35 godina

MK Group is one of the leading holding companies in the region and for 35 years it is a synonym for successful and stable business in the field of agriculture, tourism and finance in the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Today, MK Group is a system with 75 member companies, employing 7,000 people and striving to transform its vision into the growth of business, people and over all well-being of the society.

The company has started building its business system with the production and trade of agricultural products, and the success in this area today is confirmed by the fact that MK Group accounts for even a third of the total export of agricultural products of Serbia. Over the past decades, business has expanded to the field of tourism and banking, thus developing the potential of these industries in the four markets of the region.

The strategic orientation of the company is further development and investment in the field of agriculture, tourism and finance, which will determine the position of MK Group as the leader of Southeast Europe.