Krivača Wind Park



The first wind farm in East Serbia

In partnership with the Slovenian investment fund Alfi Renewables, we invested 165 million euros in the “Krivača” Wind Farm, which we officially opened this year. “Krivača” is the first wind farm in Eastern Serbia, and it covers 56 km² on the territory of the municipalities of Golubac and Kučevo. With a capacity of 105.6 MW, it enables the annual production of green energy of 310 GWh, which is sufficient to supply 75,000 households. The Wind Farm has 22 wind turbines of the up-to-date technology.

The wind turbines installed at “Krivača” are supplied by the German Nordex Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, which has delivered the wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 39 GW to 40 markets so far, this being its first project in Serbia. Through the construction of the “Krivača” wind farm, the MK Group strongly supports the achievement of the Serbian Government’s goal to increase the share of energy from renewable sources to at least 40% by 2040.


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“Krivača” Wind Farm meets the highest global green standards. The use of wind energy contributes significantly to the management of climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to strengthening energy security, an important effect of the “Krivača” Wind Farm is the reduction of carbon dioxide by 120,000 tons per year.