The Miodrag Kostić Endowment has presented the contents and activities that will take place in the Palace of Science, the largest center for research and popularization of science in the region, which will open its doors to visitors in December this year, according to the plan. At the end of last year, the public was […]

Thirty of the best pupils from the fourth to the seventh grade of primary schools from Kosovo and Metohija traditionally stay at the Grand Kopaonik Hotel, as part of the socially responsible activities that MK Group organizes from year to year. The children stay in the hotel from April 6 to 10, and in addition […]

The company Sunoko, a member of the MK Group, together with its partners, agricultural producers, readily welcomed this year’s sugar beet sowing. About 32,500 hectares will be sown for processing in Sunoko’s three sugar mills, from which about 1.8 million tons of sugar beet are expected. The company has traditionally provided its partners with high-quality […]

Miodrag Kostić and MK Group are this year’s winners of two prestigious VIRTUS Awards for Philanthropy. The special VIRTUS Award for contribution to the endowment went to Miodrag Kostić, President and Founder of MK Group, within whose endowment the Palace of Science will be opened, the first center for research and popularization of science in […]

MK Group traditionally carries out socially responsible activities aimed at providing support to children, young people and families. The audience at this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum had the opportunity to hear about the donations that this company directed during the previous two years to maternity hospitals and kindergartens in the Adria region, and which were […]

This year as well, MK Group confirmed why it is one of the key participants of the Kopaonik Business Forum, which is traditionally held at the Grand Hotel and gathers the business community of Serbia. The Company presented its commitment to sustainable development and investments in renewable energy sources through examples of good practice. Mihailo […]

In the presence of a large number of representatives of the Serbian and regional business community at the opening of the XXXI Kopaonik Business Forum, the Association of Economists of Serbia awarded the Golden Charter to Miodrag Kostić, the President and Founder of MK Group. This recognition for long-term cooperation, support and exceptional contribution in […]

With the desire to continue supporting family values in the local communities where it operates, MK Group donated 170,000 euros for the work of the newly established “Support Program for Mothers and Babies” implemented by the SOS Children’s Villages Foundation Serbia. The funds were used for the adaptation, furnishing and operation of the house in […]

MK Group organized another traditional distribution of New Year’s gifts for children from the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – NURDOR, at the Parents’ House in Novi Sad. On that occasion, gift vouchers worth 320,000 dinars were handed over. Slobodan Košutić, General Manager of Sunoko, which operates within the MK Group, symbolically presented […]

At the “SAM Gala” Ceremony held last night in the Sava Center, attended by nearly 400 of the most prominent business and public figures, the Serbian Association of Managers awarded the Special Award to Miodrag Kostić for an exceptional personal act. The jury awarded the strategic importance and lasting value that the Miodrag Kostić Endowment […]

Tis year, the company Sunoko, a member of the MK Group, will produce more than 200,000 tons of sugar beet in its three processing centers. Although the analyzes in August pointed to a record year in terms of sugar yield per hectare, the situation with the gummy roots of sugar beet in Banat and Srem […]

MK Group presented its ESG report for 2022, entitled “The driving force of responsibility”, as well as the ESG strategy and goals it has adopted until 2026. Through support to local communities, green transition and improvement of corporate practices, the Company continues its path of sustainable development, which has been its trademark for four decades. […]