100K euros donated by MK Group and AIK Bank for future mothers


The Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Hospital Centre “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” received a donation of EUR 100,000 from MK Group and AIK Bank as part of the regional “Family Support” project. The donation was used to purchase a cutting-edge laparoscopic column that will be utilized in various gynaecological surgeries. It will have a specific use in the treatment of infertility, enabling the women travelling from all across Serbia to the Clinical Hospital Centre “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” to realize their motherhood aspirations.

“This is not the first time MK Group and AIK Bank have given us a sizable donation. Just two years ago, we received necessary medical equipment worth EUR 20,000, and now, with this substantial and significant donation of EUR 100,000, they have enabled us to procure a laparoscopic column, which will allow us to operate on more than 1,000 women yearly in our healthcare institution by using superior equipment,” said Dr Slađana Mihajlović, Manager of the Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Hospital Centre “Dr Dragiša Mišović”.

“Today, we are witnessing a unique circumstance in which AIK Bank and MK Group have recognized the needs of the Clinical Hospital Centre “Dr Dragiša Mišović” and their Gynaecological Hospital as an exceptional healthcare institution and, as a result, they decided to aid the patients of this hospital by donating this laparoscopic column. All organizations that demonstrate social responsibility and support patient care within the Republic of Serbia will continue to receive substantial support and assistance from the Ministry of Health,” said Predrag Sazdanović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health.
“Through the regional program “Family Support,” we have allotted a total of over EUR 700,000 for maternity hospitals in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Aleksandra Stojanović, MK Group’s Head of Corporate Affairs. Each year, over 16,000 babies are born in the seven maternity hospitals we have funded. Through initiatives like this, our organization not only improves the conditions in our maternity hospitals but also significantly encourages the family policy.”

“Since the establishment of our system, the family has been its primary concern, and because we recognize that children and young people are our future, supporting them is a key component of our strategic commitment. Through the lens of caring for families, we also actively support the healthcare system. With the “Family Support” project, we strive to connect both these segments, with the desire to make it possible for babies to be born in the best possible conditions throughout our region. It is crucial that maternity facilities have cutting-edge technology and offer the best possible medical treatment to expectant women and new mothers,” said Jelena Galić, President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank.

The “Family Support” program, which is a traditional program for employees jointly implemented by MK Group and AIK Bank, was expanded last year by donations to maternity hospitals. More than 700 families and 1150 employee babies have benefited from it during the course of its five-year existence. The idea of the donors was to include the entire region in the project, as well as to support not only the families of employees, but also future parents in the countries where the MK Group and AIK Bank operate.

Over the past five years, MK Group and AIK Bank have contributed more than five million euros to a variety of socially responsible initiatives, with a focus on children and youth, education, health, and support for the most vulnerable segments of society.