20 Million Euros for the New Version of the Grand Hotel in Kopaonik


The Grand Hotel in Kopaonik, one of our most famous and prestigious hotels, will be presented in a completely new version at the end of this year, thanks to a capital investment of 20 million euros, which its parent company MK Group has earmarked to improve hotel services and facilities for guests.

With this investment, the Grand Hotel, which is the founder of modern tourism in Kopaonik, will secure its leading position in the year when it celebrates 40 years of existence. The new investment cycle will mark such a significant jubilee in the best way. The works have started on April 12, and their completion is expected by the beginning of the winter season, in December of this year.

The investment will include the reconstruction of all public areas and facilities for guests, with the main emphasis on the spa segment, for the construction of which an eminent company, being behind the best alpine spas, has been hired. The opening of the first Fine Dining Restaurant in Kopaonik this winter is just an introduction to what guests can expect in brand new restaurants and bars with a top gastronomic offer. The construction of a modern underground garage is also planned, which will solve the issue of parking in the most efficient way. Guests will also have at their disposal garage spaces for electric vehicles, being one of the contributions to the preservation of the environment, and which the Company will deal with intensively in the coming period. The new “Residence” part will exude special luxury, which will include a private spa center, garage, reception and all other facilities necessary for absolute comfort and VIP treatment of guests.

„For 40 years now, the Grand Hotel has been dictating trends and introducing innovations in the segment of top hotel services. Our guests know how to recognize and appreciate quality, and therefore we are preparing new contents with great ambitions, which will greatly make an obvious differentiation when it comes to the standards of luxury hotel services. At the same time, it is the main precondition for attracting new tourists and expanding towards foreign markets. We are developing the offer in the direction of maximum comfort, exclusive services and personalized approach to each guest. In addition to improving all these segments, we will pay special attention to the development of employees and their training, in order to have the best ambassadors of our brand “, Radoš Đorđević, the Director of MK Resort and Grand Hotel pointed out.

Since 2009 and the takeover of the largest hotel complex, MK Group has so far invested more than 50 million euros in its facilities and contributed to the development of Kopaonik as the most important mountain tourist destination in Serbia and the region.