700,000 Euros for Babies of MK Group Employees and Maternity Hospitals in the Region


Within the “Family Support” program, for the fifth year in a row, MK Group is rewarding its employees in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro who have become parents during the year. In 2021, this regional Group is richer by 152 babies, and the total amount reserved with that aim is more than 6.5 million dinars.

“For half a decade, MK Group has been providing cash subsidies to employees who have become parents. It is a beautiful tradition with indications of responsibility and care for employees. In this way, we show that we support our colleagues in important and special moments. At the regional gathering organized in Belgrade on this occasion, 700 families and 1,150 babies have been awarded a total amount exceeding 37 million dinars through the “Family Support” program so far, said Mihailo Janković, General Manager of MK Group.

Jelena Galić, Chairman of the Executive Board of AIK Bank, stated that the Banking Group is implementing the same program for its employees in AIK Bank and Gorenjska Bank. “I am extremely glad that for the second year in a row, the largest number of newborn babies come from our Banking Group, and that this year there are even more of them than last year. We are always looking forward to new members of our AIK Family, and that is why, as a future-oriented bank, we are investing in children and new generations, ” said Ms. Galić at the event.

This year, “Family Support” has been expanded into a large socially responsible project through donations to maternity hospitals across the region. On that occasion, representatives of maternity hospitals from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina also participated in the regional gathering. Together with the Vice President of MK Group, Aleksandar Kostić, they symbolically marked the realization beginning of donations.

“The arrival of a child is an important moment for the life of every family, but also for the whole nation. That was the motive for expanding our “Family Support” program. This year, we support not only the families of our employees, but also future parents in the countries of the region where we operate. We have set aside 700,000 euros for these needs. Our goal is to provide systemic support to family policy and measures to encourage birth rates. In the entire region, about 140,000 babies are born every year and we want to help them come into the world in the best possible conditions, ” said Mr. Kostić. He thanked the representatives of maternity hospitals who made the regional gathering most solemn with their presence, but also the Ministers of Health from the mentioned countries of the region who supported this project and helped in choosing maternity hospitals to which donations were awarded.

The Maternity Hospital of the Clinical Hospital Center “Dr. Dragiša Mišović” was chosen in Serbia. “We would like to thank MK Group and AIK Bank for the donation that will be used to renovate the admission department and expand the capacity of the outpatient clinic for examinations of pregnant women. In this way, we will improve the quality of service and shorten the waiting time for future mothers, in order to justify the reputation of the best maternity hospital in Serbia, “said Dr. Slađana Mihajlović, Manager of the Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Hospital Center „Dr. Dragiša Mišović ” Dedinje.

In addition to this health institution, donations within the “Family Support” program are realized in six other maternity hospitals in the region. A total of about 16,000 babies are born there every year. Renovated wards, i.e. new equipment and devices will be given to the Maternity Ward of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana, the Maternity Ward of the Clinical Hospital Center „ Sisters of Mercy (Sestre milosrdnice)” in Zagreb, the Maternity Ward of the General Hospital “Danilo I” in Cetinje and the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš ” in Sarajevo, as well as the Gynecology and Obstetrics Departments of the Hospital “Dr Mladen Stojanović ” in Prijedor and the Hospital Gradiška.