MK Group and AIK Banka donate 100,000 to the Maternity Hospital in Belgrade


MK Group and AIK Banka are expanding their traditional “Family Support” program with donations to maternity hospitals across the region. The project, with a total value of more than 700,000 euros, is being implemented in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

On that occasion, the representatives of AIK Bank and MK Group held a meeting with the Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Zlatibor Lončar, at which a financial donation of 100,000 euros was agreed for the maternity hospital within the Clinical Hospital Center “Dr. Dragiša Mišović. “

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Zlatibor Lončar, expressed his gratitude for the donation which will provide better conditions in maternity hospitals.

,, Birth rate growth is a strategic goal for Serbia because children represent our future. Therefore, it is important for us to create better conditions together and I am glad that MK Group and AIK Bank also will support our healthcare system this year. We agreed on a donation for the Gynaecology Department at the Clinical Hospital Center Dragiša Mišović, especially having in mind that the hospital takes care of pregnant women and children who are COVID-19 positive “, pointed out Dr. Lončar and reminded that MK Group helped the health system of the Republic of Serbia with more than one million euros last year, including vacations provided for health workers engaged in the COVID-19 system in their hotels. “This time we have agreed on one important thing, and that is that from next year, for every dinar invested by MK Group and AIK Bank in Serbian healthcare, we will invest another one. “

Jelena Galić, Chairman of the Executive Board of AIK Bank, thanked the Ministry of Health for the support in the implementation of the donation: „This donation represents the expansion of the Family Support program organized by both AIK Bank and MK Group for its employees who are fulfilling the role of parents in the current year. This year, Family Support has expanded to the local communities in which we operate, through donations to maternity hospitals throughout the region – in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. I believe that the moments in which life is created are precious not only for every family, but also for the entire nation. Investing in new generations is investing in the future of the region, and that is why in this way we want to contribute to the improvement of the conditions in which new life is born. On this occasion, I would like to thank Minister Lončar who helped us identify the maternity hospital that will receive our donation. “

Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group, pointed out: „So far, our socially responsible activities have been mostly focused on health and care for children and youth. This time, the focus is on future mothers and babies. For these needs, we have set aside 100,000 euros for the maternity hospital within the Clinical Hospital Center “Dragiša Mišović”, and the value of the entire regional project is over 700,000 euros. In this way, we once again connect the entire region as a company that employs 6,000 people throughout the Adriatic region. “

The regional project Family Support will be implemented in the coming period in five countries in the region where MK Group and AIK Bank operate. Financial donations to selected maternity hospitals aim to provide better conditions for pregnant women, postpartals and new-born babies, but also to provide long-term support to family policies and measures to encourage birth rates.

In the local communities in which it is present, MK Group has realized more than 500 socially responsible actions in the past five years in the value exceeding five million euros. Last year, the company set aside more than a million euros for its humanitarian activities in the fight against the coronavirus and on that occasion was awarded the Main Virtus Award for its contribution to philanthropy at the national level, and was named Socially Responsible Company of the Year by the Serbian Association of Managers.