AIK Banka donated half a million dinars to the Mathematical Grammar School



Beograd, 23.12.2019 – In the spirit of giving and positive energy for celebration of the New Year’s holidays, the Mathematical Grammar School has organized a fundraising event at Crown Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. On this occasion, AIK Banka has donated 500,000 dinars to the Mathematical Grammar School and in this way, as a socially responsible institution, once again set an example for other companies and individuals and motivated them to get involved and help those in need through similar activities. In addition to AIK Banka, many other sponsors distinguished themselves as great contributors to the work of the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade.

Apart from representatives of the Mathematical Grammar School, Periša Ivanović, Assistant to the Executive Board of AIK Banka, also attended the fundraising dinner. On this occasion, he presented a check donation to the Director of the Mathematical Grammar School Mirjana Katić and pointed out that AIK Banka has been continuously participating in actions of this type, but also that he is especially proud of the activities aimed at children and young people.

“We’ve decided to stay true to our tradition of helping others and participating in various humanitarian activities this year too, therefore we present this donation to these hardworking and talented students. We will continue at the same pace next year and hope to reach as many organizations and institutions that need our help”, said Ivanović.

This year, AIK Banka has allocated more than 200,000 eur for various CSR activities, and in the past years it has always been a solid support for science, economy and development od this country, as well as activities aimed at young people, their education and research.

“We are very grateful to AIK Banka for this donation, because investing in young people and their education is always necessary, therefore large companies should come together as much as possible to send a message to all the people that education is an important segment of our society. Our students are very talented and hardworking, and their great accomplishments serve to prove that. That is why why we are especially glad that AIK Banka has decided to present this donation to them, because they really deserve it”, said Mirjana Katić, the Director of the Mathematical Grammar School.

The Mathematical Grammar School is a unique high school in Serbia specialized for talented students of mathematics, physics and informatics. The school was founded in 1966 and since 2004/2005 the school has two final grades of primary school.