Another ecological step which will surely alter the future


The protection of economically important plants from weeds, diseases, pests and other harmful organisms is achieved through proper use of pesticides both of chemical and biological origin. Its widespread use in agriculture has resulted in the generation of large amounts of pesticide containers that are mostly characterized as hazardous waste.

Inadequate disposal of packaging waste, which in itself often contains residue of hazardous substances which may have adverse effects on the environment, is the reason that emphasis needs to be placed on prevention so that this problem may be resolved.

In accordance with the environmental protection policies of the company Carnex, all packaging for plant protection are collected after use, sorted according to kind and temporarily stored until it is taken away for recycling.

At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, Carnex established successful cooperation with the manufacturers and distributors of pesticide as well as certified waste disposal companies and in this manner it has recycled a significant quantity of pesticide packaging in an ecological and economically feasible manner.

Another ecological step which will surely alter the future.