Carnex as part of MK Group


As of today Carnex is part of MK Group. We often hear on the news that something domestic has been sold to foreigners, rarely do we hear that a domestic company will stay in local hands. The key strategic points for future operations of the company will be based on increasing the level of production, increasing exports and the placement of new products on the market.

– We are aware of the huge reputation the Carnex brand enjoys among consumers on the domestic market, a carefully built reputation and tradition with which generations have grown up. Carnex has been and will be the best Serbian brand; it is a symbol of childhood for all of us. We plan to continue to develop Carnex, to bring new products onto the market and to increase exports. Bringing Carnex back under domestic ownership is equally good for Serbia, as it is for the Serbian economy and the workers. In the last decade MK Group has strategically oriented itself toward agriculture and the food industry due to the fact that these industries have the greatest potential for development but also as a result of taking into account the growing demand for food and food products. – Miodrag Kostić, the President of MK Group, stated.

At MK Group they stress that the purchase of Carnex fits perfectly into the existing production activities of MK Group, that the realization of the synergistic effect, the continuation of a good position on the domestic market as well as the breakthrough of this prestigious brand on the European and the global markets, will additionally improve the harmonization of production with the highest global standards in the food industry.