Carnex – The best from Serbia


CARNEX has won first place in “The Best from Serbia in 2011” activity for the third year in a row, in the category of Consumer goods – corporate brand, and received a special statue.

At the gala ceremony held on February 29th at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Director of “Carnex” Jaroslav Stupavski said: “It is a pleasure to find ourselves in the company of Serbia’s best brands, but above all a responsibility to be recognized as the best corporate brand for goods intended for everyday consumption. This flattering title is a reward for all of Carnex’s employees who have been building the brand for more than five decades. We know that progress depends on technological innovation, but also on the skills, knowledge, and the results we achieve together. “

In the future Carnex, which recently became part of the MK Group system, expects the realization of the synergistic effect, the maintenance of a good position on the domestic market as well as a breakthrough of our products on the European and global markets which will improve the harmonization of production with the highest global standards in the food industry.

The activity was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the daily ”Privredni pregled”.