Dominant performance of MK Group at International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad


Novi Sad, 22 May, 2018 – The company MK Group has won over fifty awards at this year’s Novi Sad Agricultural Fair, which is the most important agribusiness event in Central and South-Eastern Europe. MK Group’s business system is one of the largest agricultural producers in Serbia, and MK Commerce, Granexport, Flora, Sunoko and Carnex have proved their quality and business excellence once again by winning the awards for business success as well as gold and silver medals for the quality of their products.

MK Group’s CFO Dušan Radičević pointed out that it has once again shown that the experience of the company in the field of agribusiness transferred to the food processing sector of MK Group, yields the best results.

“We are proud of the awards we have received at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair and those awards are signifficant indicators that we are on the right path. Our goal is to make MK Group the best ambassador of the Serbian economy in the region and Europe, and the quality of our products and excellent export results are based on the achievement of this goal” said Radičević.

By the decision of the expert jury, MK Commerce, a member of MK Group, was declared the largest exporter of cereals from Serbia for 2017. The company Granexport was presented with a Grand Golden Plaque Award for three products – corn grits, polenta, corn flour, and Granexport was presented with a Plaque for premium quality and mill products assortment  made of corn. The company Flora was awarded the recognition for the excellent quality of peas and corn. In addition to four gold medals, the company Sunoko has won a Grand Champion Cup for the premium quality of sugar. The company Carnex, a leader in the production of meat and meat products in Serbia, has won over forty gold and silver medals, as well as the title of a champion of the group for the quality of its products. The company Carnex has won the Grand Gold Medals for the quality of their products for luncheon meat, beans with bacon, special cooked ham and homemade whole meat bacon.