DONATION COCKTAILS within the humanitarian action “MAGNET FOR LOVE”


MK Group and President of the company, Miodrag Kostić have organized 2 donation cocktails in 88 Rooms Hotel Belgrade within the humanitarian action „Magnet for love“. The first cocktail was organized in cooperation with the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) and the second with the support of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), with the aim of appealing to companies and individuals to join the humanitarian action „Magnet for love“. After the successful activities organized in Belgrade, 2 donation cocktails were held in Novi Sad at the Foundation of the Kostić family, which was attended by representatives of NURDOR and companies from Novi Sad.

The action „Magnet for love“ is launched by MK Group and TDE Services in cooperation with the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth, in order to raise 750 thousand euros necessary for the purchase of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), related equipment and the first special incubator for MRI diagnostics of premature babies, newborns, children and youth.

All the people of good will may pay the funds to a bank account 105-5555511-36 with AIK Bank and SMS number 6754 is opened where by sending a message you can donate 100 dinars (VAT included).
Purchasing of the magnetic resonance imaging, the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth would enable about 4,000 MRI scans per year, instead of the current 830. The period of waiting for MRI examinations will be significantly shortened and the pressure on other institution that provide this service of performing examinations for the Institute will be reduced.