Dušan Radičević participated in a panel dicussion at Summit 100


The theme for 2018 conference Summit 100, which gathers business leaders of South Eastern Europe, was a Digital Transformation. Tthe most prominent business leaders of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, as well as representatives of state institutions from the region were among the panelists.

In the panel dicussion on How to make the region stronger by creating a common market, Dušan Radičević stated:

“Competition encourages us to continue investing in order to be more efficient and achieve long-term sustainable growth. Business requires market and competition, infrastructure, regulatory harmonization, faster administration, security and an adequate judical system. MK Group exports 50% of its products and has already been able to compete in the European Union market.

Speaking about regional cooperation, Radičević stressed that the countries of the region are not in competition with each other and that they can do much more together because the individual markets are small. It is clear that there are boundaries but business needs these boundaries to be “invisible”. “MK Group is a regional investor equally interested in all markets. Investment in the region is our strategic commitment, because only by creating strong regional players can we be competitive in the European market,” said Radičević.

In addition to the CFO of MK Group, other panelists were Miljenko Bura – Medical Group, Branko Greganović – NLB Bank and Marko Voljč – Adriatic Council.