Endowment of the Kostic’s family


Miodrag Kostić, MK Group President gave his family house, endowment of Kostic’s family in Novi Sad, for the use  of “Institute of Children and Youth Health Care” of Vojvodina.

The Parents’ house which the children will use has 1.4000 square meters and has a few independent parts: beside a large number of rooms there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, rehabilitation room, playing room, gym and a swimming pool, and a 16-acres garden, worth 1.5 million euros.

Social responsibility towards the local community where we operate presents both the most difficult and the most beautiful part of business. This is the course the MK Group steadily takes. Late last year, while handing the keys of a newly built home for the young in SOS children’s village in Kraljevo, we promised to try to secure more humane conditions for growing up in Serbia. That’s why I’m even more proud of the endowment of the Kostic’s family.