Gorenjska banka and MK Group enabled the renovation of kindergartens in Maribor


In Maribor, the Studenček Waldorf Kindergarten and the Jožice Flander Kindergarten were delighted by the donations of Gorenjska Banka and MK Group as part of the regional social responsibility program Support for the Company. Preschool children will be able to develop their movement and motor skills better later on and make new friends in the more welcoming kindergarten environment. The opening of the renovated playgrounds was attended by the prefect of Maribor Municipality Saša Arsenovič, deputy mayor of Maribor Municipality Samo Peter Medved, MK Group representative Luka Bjeković and Gorenjska banka board member Marko Filipčič. The total value of donations for the renovation of kindergartens in Slovenia amounts to 150 thousand euros, and in the entire Adriatic region, where the social responsibility program Podpora borpi runs, 750 thousand euros.


Mayor of Maribor Municipality Saša Arsenovič: »I would like to thank MK Group and Gorenjski banka, which supported the renovation of the children’s playgrounds in Waldorf kindergarten and Jožica Flander kindergarten with a donation. Outdoor playgrounds enable active socializing of children, lots of good will and laughter, create space for socializing and strengthen intergenerational communities.«

»In the kindergarten, we try to make the children move and play as much as possible. We believe that the new game will make it possible. So thank you once again to MK Group in Gorenjski banka,” says Darja Jaušovec, director of Jožice Flander Kindergarten. Viktorija Kovačič, director and assistant director of the Waldorf Kindergarten, adds: »First of all, on behalf of our children, I would like to thank you for your kind help in the renovation of the playground and the establishment of new playgrounds, which will bring an even higher quality of play.«

MK Group representative Luka Bjeković: »MK Group strives to create a stimulating and creative environment, which starts with the youngest. It is important that our children have good conditions for children’s play, the development of motor and inhibitory abilities, and that the local communities where we operate also know about our efforts for the development of the region. This summer, when we are celebrating 40 years of successful business, MK Group allocated 750 thousand euros for the renovation of kindergartens in the region, and 150 thousand euros in Slovenia, in cooperation with Gorenjsko banko. We will continue our efforts in the future.«

Board member of Gorenjska banka Marko Filipčič: »We are happy that within the framework of the Family Support project in cooperation with MK Group, this year we were able to focus our attention on improving the conditions for preschool children. We believe that the renovated playgrounds in Maribor kindergartens will significantly contribute to the development of our youngest and create an environment full of playfulness and curiosity. At Gorenjski banka, we will also strive to be a responsible partner to local communities in the future.