Hazardous waste on the basis of polychlorinated biphenyls from the Company Žitobačka has been permanently solved


Member of MK Group, a Company Žitobačka from Kula has again shown high level of awareness about the importance of proper disposal of hazardous waste. Hiring qualified operator, hazardous condenser capacitors with PCB oil (polychlorinated biphenyls) have been given for further care. Hazardous waste will be destroyed in incinerators in EU member state, and that is one and the only ecological and legal way to remove these types of hazardous waste.

PCBs are carcinogenic compounds made by humans, who are now obligated to resolve waste with PCB compounds in order to protect themselves and the Environment.

Since the PCB oils are ideal for use in transformers and condensers due to good insulating properties, but also, used as additives in colours, plastics and adhesives, i.e. carbon-free paper production, these hazardous matters are today widely spread in the nature. It appeared for the first time in the environment in 1930, when production companies and consumers began to release them in their surroundings. The problem is related to the chemical properties of PCB compounds, since these components are extremely stabile and do not degrade easily, they have capability of bioaccumulation and biomagnifications, persist in the soil, water, sediment and living organisms and trough a food chain they reach humans.

There is a solution and that is proper disposal of hazardous waste, which is obligation of all of us.