High efficiency wastewater treatment of the meat industry Carnex


Meet Industry Carnex, a part of MK Group, has invested years of work in finding the best available technology for wastewater treatment and during the 2012 the company launched its own plant for a complete wastewater treatment (WWTP) worth more than EUR 2.7 million. With this significant environmental measure the company has taken on a huge and constant responsibility because a complete waste water treatment requires continuous monitoring of all the processes, monitoring of water quality during its purification, maintenance and provision of optimal conditions for bacteria without which the water would not have adequate quality to be discharged into the natural recipient.

Wastewater treatment plant has a capacity of 2,300 m3/day and 40,000 PE (population equivalent).

The processes that take place at the WWTP are physical, chemical and biological treatment to wastewater and organic sludge that is generated as a product of primary and biological treatment of water. During the biological treatment of water in the reactor SBR (sequential batch reactor) under aerobic conditions selected cultures of the saprophyte bacteria perform degradation of a wide range of organic compounds and nitrification-denitrification under strictly controlled conditions. On the other hand, a major role in the process of the alkaline hydrolysis and the decomposition of the organic sludge, also has a cocktail of aerobic bacteria which as a result of their operation provides a stabilized slurry-like humus, which, thanks to the good characteristics and content of organic substances, plant available nitrogen and phosphorus can be used directly for the fertilization of the agricultural land.

Work efficiency WWTP Carnex is high and satisfactory. Water that emerges after the treatment has characteristics that meet the requirements of the legislation both of the Republic of Serbia, and the European Union.