Hotel Grand Kopaonik once again Hosts Serbian National Teams


Kopaonik has been a symbol of Serbian tourism for years. While in winter it is the center of skiing events, in summer it allows tourists to enjoy the charms of nature, and it provides ideal conditions for training and stay for professional athletes, clubs and camps. Fresh mountain air, a large number of sunny hours, a favorable climate and numerous sports facilities are just several of the many reasons why top athletes choose this particular mountain, as well as Hotel Grand Kopaonik for their preparations.

For years, our Hotel Grand Kopaonik has been a traditional host for athletes and teams who decide to spend their preparations on Kopaonik, and many of them left for numerous world competitions from this place, often returning with the highest recognitions and awards. In addition to the superior comfort offered by the hotel, athletes have at their disposal outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spa and wellness facilities on 2000 m², a spacious gym and sports hall – the only one of its kind on Kopaonik, with an area of 1000 m² and courts for volleyball, handball, basketball and indoor football.

This summer, precisely in Kopaonik, in the unique conditions provided by our hotel, the Men’s Volleyball Team of Serbia prepared for the World Championship in Slovenia and Poland, as well as the Women’s Volleyball Team, for the World Championship that will be held from September 23 in the Netherlands and Poland.

„It’s not our first time staying here. Previous experiences with Kopaonik and Hotel Grand Kopaonik have been outstanding, while this time they are even better, after the renovation of the hotel. The hall has its own warmth and everything necessary for the adequate preparation of athletes. A hotel with a swimming pool, sauna and other facilities for players’ recovery gives us the best possible conditions for top-class work, while Kopaonik provides ideal climatic conditions for the preparation period”, said the coach of the Serbian National Volleyball Team, Igor Kolaković. In addition, he referred to the expectations of the World Championship, where the Men’s Volleyball Team will participate:

“I think that Ukraine is the most difficult opponent, primarily because it will be the opening of the World Cup, which is a big competition, and we approach the other opponents, Puerto Rico and Tunisia, with the greatest possible attention and the greatest possible motive. In order to have a much easier opponent in the round of 16, we have to achieve in that group the best possible result. A medal is a big challenge for everyone, it is difficult to promise it, but no one can take the fight away from us”, Kolaković added.

In ideal conditions for top training this summer, apart from the volleyball players, the participants of the YUBAC Basketball Camp also trained who have been coming to this camp for more than 30 years to take their first steps with a basketball, improve themselves and their basketball skills.

As in previous years, they practiced the game under the hoop in the sports hall of the Grand Hotel, where our famous basketball player gave them a demonstration training session.

One of the participants of this camp, and now its co-owner, the most valuable player of the Final Four and MVP of the Euroleague, Vasilije Micić, spends every free moment in Kopaonik, since he grew up on this mountain. As he stated, the camp is an ideal place where children can take their first basketball steps, but also get to know each other, make friends, build new friendships and enjoy the game.