Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož hosted the Top Management of Slovenian Healthcare


Thanks to the MK Group Company, and the charitable gesture of the founder and owner, Miodrag Kostić, the health workers will start their free vacation at the Kempinski Palace Hotel Portorož. Between June 15 and August 15, 100 doctors and medical staff from clinics and departments for infectious diseases and febrile conditions from Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Golnik, who provided medical care to patients with COVID-19, will spend their holidays in one of the most beautiful hotels on the Slovenian coast.

Before the start of the holiday, directors, supervisors and leading experts from four Slovenian hospitals, who took care of our health during the coronavirus epidemic, gathered at the Kempinski Palace Hotel Portorož to thank donors for their humane gesture, but also to exchange experiences and knowledge related to the coronavirus epidemic.
The Minister of Health Tomaž Gantar praised the Slovenian health system – health workers, nurses, technicians, police and civil protection, who have made a significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19. He especially thanked the company MK Group, which enabled the organization of the expert meeting.

Janez Poklukar, General Manager of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana (UKCLJ), welcomed the humanitarian gesture of MK Group, which provided free holidays for doctors and medical staff and, which hosted the meeting at the Kempinski Palace Porotorž Hotel Posvet COVID-19. “Slovenia has improved its health in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the organization of the hospitals and the transfer of health workers managed to stop the first wave of the epidemic. This opportunity is important for the normalization of health, economy and tourism”.

Jelena Baronik, Manager of the Palace Porotorož Hotel, greeted the management of four Slovenian hospitals and said:
„The coronavirus epidemic has shown the importance of the social responsibility of large companies. That is why MK Group, as one of the regional leaders, decided to bestow a three-day vacation in its luxury hotels for 450 medical workers in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. We are happy that this meeting marks the beginning of the holiday in our Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož for 100 doctors and medical staff of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions, UKCLJ, Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions, UKCMB, Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions, Celje General Hospital, as well as medical workers of the University Clinic for Lung Diseases and Allergies Golnik. With this donation, we have confirmed that MK Group, as a leading regional company, together with its president and founder Miodrag Kostić, provides support to all communities in which it has been operating for 35 years. “