Hotel Palace Portorož to invest half a million eur in a beach property in Portorož


Portorož, 15 November 2019 – After the successful completion of tender by the company Okolje Piran d.o.o., Kempinski Palace Hotel Portorož is about to lease a 2,165 square meter beach for a period of 20 years with the possibility of an additional 10 year extension.

Leasing a beach property in front of restaurants Paco 1, Jadro and Cacao, shall enable Kempinski Palace Portorož to extend the scope of services they provide to their guests, and furthermore, the Hotel will additionally employ about 12 people. The Hotel officials emphasize that the beach will be open to all visitors. “What will be the difference is the level of services that we will offer both to our guests and to other beach visitors”, said Kai Behrens, Director of Kempinski Palace Hotel Portorož.

According to the Conditions of Tender, Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož and MK Group will invest € 350,000 in the beach development in the first year and additional € 150,000 in the next two years. “Leasing a beach property is a part of our joint vision for the comprehensive development of Portorož as a prestigious tourist destination. It became a standard for 5 star hotels to have a beach and we are very glad that this standard will be applied to Slovenia as well”, Behrens pointed out.

The beach arrangement will start immediately after the contract is signed whereby we plan to hire the Slovenian companies mostly from the local community of Portorož-Piran.

Jelena Baronik, Member of the Management Board, emphasized on behalf of MK Group that leasing a beach property is a part of the strategy of MK Group and the President of the Company Miodrag Kostić with the aim of positioning Portorož as one of the most modern and prestigious tourist destinations in this part of the Adriatic Coast.

“When I took over the management of the company Okolje Piran, I’ve promissed that we would do our best to put new life into Portorož and work on the promotion and development of this beautiful destination. We’ve been resting on our laurels from the old Portorož and the time has come to wake up. Undoubtedly, development requires investments. MK Group has proven in the past that they are ready to invest in the development of tourism in Istria on both sides of the border, and I am very glad that they have continued to move in this direction. Fear of change is completely unnecessary. Other hoteliers could also be inspired by Kempinski Hotel and their best efforts to make local community connections”, said Gaspar Gaspar Mišić, General Manager of Piran Environment, after signing the contract. “It is noticeable that since their arrival at MK Group they have been working to promote and connect the local residents and tourism, and as as a strategic owner it is more than obvious that they are aware that tourists will be satisfied only when the host is satisfied.”

Igor Novel, Director of the Tourist Organization of Portorož, agrees that investing in a beach property represents a positive step towards providing better tourist offer of Portorož. “In our 2018 survey, visitors’s rating of satisfaction with beaches was 3.5 points out of 5 points, indicating that more intensive work will be needed in the future in order to develop this element of our offer. In the tourism development strategy, we emphasize that we are working to improve the quality of the tourist offer. Hotel Palace Portorož and its owner MK Group have so far proved to be good strategic investors who actively participate in the activities of the Tourist Organization of Portorož. They carefully supervise the development of the destination and strive for quality, which is very important for Portorož.”