HR Director of MK Group, Marina Rakić, at the Youth Forum


The Aim of this Type of Gathering is to Provide Better Employment Conditions to Young People

Marina Rakić, Director of Human Resources of MK Group, participated in the Youth Forum organized by SOS Children’s Villages Serbia as part of its “Strong Youth” program, which deals with social inclusion and economic sustainability of children from vulnerable groups. Our company has been supporting the work of the SOS Children’s Villages Serbia organization for 11 years through various activities, so it gladly responded to the invitation to participate in this meeting.

The Forum brought together representatives of the corporate sector and young people who are looking for a job or plan to enter the labor market soon. At this meeting, Marina Rakić shared advice for writing a CV and a Motivation Letter, getting to know the interview techniques for a job interviews and learning the basic code of business conduct.

The goal of this type of gathering is to provide better conditions and access to employment for young people, providing them with adequate skills and qualifications to ensure a better transition to certain job positions. The “Strong Youth” Center has empowered over 700 young men and women thanks to employment training, life skills and coaching.