Huge Contribution of the Sunoko Research and Development Center to Serbian Agriculture


The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Branislav Nedimović, visited the Sunoko Research and Development Center, the first private center for agricultural research in Serbia. The hosts of the meeting were the Vice President of MK Group, Aleksandar Kostić, the Director of the Research and Development Center, Nenad Trkulja and the Director of Sunoko, Slobodan Košutić.

On this occasion, Minister Branislav Nedimović said that research centers contribute to the improvement of the overall production and competitiveness of Serbian agriculture. “The application of modern scientific achievements and experiences has no alternative, bearing in mind that Serbia has a huge potential to improve all types of production from the field to the table. It is obvious that we must invest in such institutions, whether in the private or public sector,” Nedimović emphasized.

During the visit, opinions were exchanged on the latest trends, recommendations and problems in the field of sugar beet production. “We are pleased to have hosted Minister Nedimović, who understands the importance of the Research Center in the field of optimal sugar beet production technology, which gives us additional wind in our sails for future projects.  The center will, as before, continue to work on even better quality of the final product, which is extremely important for the production of safe food, but also for the entire domestic food industry, ” said Dr. Nenad Trkulja, Director of the Research and Development Center Sunoko.

Sunoko has invested one million euros in a research and development center that opened in December last year with the aim of identifying potential problems in sugar beet production and adequately responding to all needs. So far, thousands of analyzes have been done.

Sunoko Research Center also organizes professional lectures for all sugar beet producers in Serbia, constantly sharing knowledge and experience for more efficient production of this crop, in accordance with the latest scientific research and guidelines of good agricultural practice.