Inherited hazardous waste liability


During technological processing and production each branch of industry generates hazardous waste that must be disposed of in a manner that minimizes or has no impact on the environment whatsoever. However, the question is what is the fate of hazardous waste inherited by purchasing the industrial plant and disposed in the “dark”?

MK Group once again demonstrated its commitment to taking care of the environmental impacts during realization of its business activities and applying the Environmental Policy therefore enabling it not to be only a dead letter.

The following companies operating within MK Group, Agrounija Ltd. from Inđija, Selekcija Ltd. from Aleksinac or Agrium Ltd. from Sremska Mitrovica have disposed more than 45 tons of inherited hazardous waste through authorized operators in accordance with European and national standards. With the cost of more than 50,000 EUR this inherited hazardous waste, composed mainly of a variety of laboratory chemicals, plant protection products, various chemicals of inorganic and organic origin was handed over to an autorized operator for waste management. A safe segregation and packaging of hazardous waste in UN certified packaging is been executed and then in accordance with ADR rules transported to temporary storage, where the waste is placed up to the moment of export, bearing in ming that currently the only solution is the transboundary movement of hazardous waste in EU countries for incineration. Thermal destruction, ie. incineration of hazardous waste in incinerators solves not only the problem of depositing of such waste that as a result may have a permanent degradation of the environment, but also it offers the possibility of utilization of energy from burning to produce heat or electricity.

Disposal of inherited hazardous waste is crucial and must be a strategic goal of every company when it comes to waste management and implementation of European legislation in this area.

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