Introduce Incentives for Legalization and Free Registration in the Real Estate Cadaster


Introduction of incentives for citizens to legalize their facilities, as well as a three-year free registration in the Real Estate Cadaster, digitalization of courts and implementation of the eProstor System for electronic development of spatial and urban plans, are key measures to achieve final regulation of property relations in Serbia and this is going to be the priority of the Alliance for Property and Investments in the next two years, it was announced at the formal session of this working body of NALED.

High fees that accompany the legalization and overburdening of local self-governments with cases, have significantly slowed down this process and it is necessary to extend the deadlines for legalization and digitize the procedure, and stimulate citizens through cost reduction. Also, it is necessary to enable free registration of facilities in the next three years in order to achieve a high level of up-to-date Real Estate Cadaster.

– There are opportunities for investment in Serbia and the conditions for business are better, but it is necessary to resolve property relations, among which I would like to single out the Law on Cooperatives and disputes that have been going on over cooperative land for more than 20 years. It is also of great importance for the economy to further improve the procedure of registration in the Real Estate Cadaster – said the President of the Association and the Director of MK Group Jovan Purar.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Aleksandra Damnjanović, pointed out for that institution to support the proposal of introducing free registration in the Real estate Cadaster and that the planned changes to the Law will enable this to be realized. “Serbia has made the biggest shift in the field of construction on the Doing Business List and came in 186th place among the top 10 in the world in issuing building permits, and we are the 44th in the overall ranking. The plan we adopted envisages that we will enter the top 10 in the next three years “, added Damnjanović.

The members of the presidency pointed out that the improvement of the conversion process and the digitalization of the work of courts are areas that could bring the biggest improvements. It is estimated that the Law on Converting the Right of Use into the Right of Ownership on Construction Land with Compensation did not help the beneficiaries, which is why today there are about 5,000 hectares of “captured” land on which no one is building. For this reason, the conversion process must no longer be postponed, and the NALED Alliance says that the conditions have been met for property relations over construction land to finally be regulated in a fair and economically justified manner.

When it is about the digitalization of the work of courts, the Alliance proposes to enable electronic communication of all participants in proceedings (judges, parties, etc.), case monitoring and decision-making, in order to prevent delays in the work of courts and obsolescence.

One of the key results of the Association was the contribution to the improvement of the registration procedure in the Real estate Cadaster by introducing the one-counter system eŠalter, through which almost 690,000 requests were submitted during two years. The Alliance also contributed to the introduction of the eAukcija, which has been a mandatory method of selling property in enforcement proceedings since September the 1st. So far, 147 public tenders have been conducted through the portal.

New Management of the Property and Investment Alliance

 Members of the Property and Investment Alliance have elected a new leadership. The Alliance will be led by Jovan Purar, Director of MK Group, while the Vice Presidents in the new convocation will be Dejan Vukovic, founder of the Law Firm Vuković and Partners and Nikola Lapčević, Director of the Legal Affairs Department at Erste Bank.