Leader of the company MK Group was the only one to give a guest lecture at mentoring program of celebrated politicogist


Belgrade, June 28, 2018 – Leader of the MK Group Miodrag Kostić, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Political Science to students of the "Leadership Academy for Development" program by renowned professor Francis Fukuyama, author of the scientific bestseller "End of history". Kostić was the only guest lecturer in the lectures of this famous politicologist and one of the greatest philosophers of today.

“The issue of trust between the Government and the private sector, which was a topic of lecturing to these young people, to future leaders. It represents a key issue in ensuring the good results of the necessary economic reforms. Large systems like MK Group, which employs more than 7,000 people across the region, naturally need to have a decisive cooperation with the state. When a company, like ours, invests over EUR 1 billion in Serbia over the past twenty years, and pays about 100 million euros of taxes, contributions and duties annually, it is natural for such a company to participate in the dialogue with the state and to ensure the dialogue and cooperation will be successful” Kostić emphasized.

The President of MK Group pointed out that he always gladly accepts invitations to transfer his experience to young and educated people, especially in this case, when it comes to students under the mentorship of renowned Professor Francis Fukuyama.