Mihailo Janković is the New President of the Serbian Association of Managers


The Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) at its annual election Assembly elected MK Group CEO Mihailo Janković as the new president, who will continue to contribute to the further strengthening of the Association in the next three years.

“ It is a great privilege to stand in front of the members having the role of President of the Association. I would especially like to thank for the trust shown through my candidacy in the new mandate, as well as to everyone who supported me. I have accepted a serious task, today SAM is an association with 500 members, rich in activities, self-sustaining, with a positive atmosphere, good reputation and great potential. I am ready to devote my time and energy to the further development of SAM and the realization of our mission and goals in the near future,” said Mihailo Janković and added: “We cannot change the world we live in, but we can be relevant to the community and through everything that we do, we can contribute to the creation of a better micro-environment, and consequently achieve a positive impact on our economy and society.“

Our CEO has many years of rich experience in managing corporate systems, as well as in the field of business and strategic transformation of companies with the aim of sustainable growth and business development. He is the winner of the SAM Annual Award for “Manager of the Year 2019” as well as the award for the promotion and development of leadership among young people. He has been a mentor for many years, a lecturer at the SAM Academy and a participant in various activities that contributed to the spread of knowledge, support to managers and business in the broadest sense.

In the previous three years, SAM successfully realized and carried out more than 170 different activities, of which the reaction and activities during the pandemic, the launch of the educational program of the SAM Academy and the new form of the Managers’ Forum, the growth of membership and the preservation of a unique, friendly and positive atmosphere for development and business connection were outstanding. The traditional June meeting, as well as the awarding of the Annual Awards, are events that take place every year and where the best business and employer practices are promoted and where individuals and companies that contribute to the development of young people and the wider society are highlighted. In the coming period, the Association will continue to develop, expand, strengthen its network and contribute to the improvement of the business and social community.