Miodrag Kostić at the Kopaonik Business Forum


Midrag Kostić, President of MK Group, participated in the Kopaonik Business Forum held between 3rd and 5th of March. The central topic was: “New Vision for Industrialization of Economy and Modernization of Society.”

Mr. Kostić as the speaker and panelist on two topics – “How to take advantage of agribusiness development potentials” and “Public Private Partnership” said: “The only way to overcome a huge problem of unemployment is the industrialization of Serbia, which also represents the key to economic reforms. Government should apply the same measures in agriculture as in other sectors and that is to put resources into the hands of those who know how to manage them, to the benefit of all the citizens of Serbia.”

Reflecting on the current situation in Serbia, he pointed out it would be incomparably easier for the company MK Group to position in the regional market if the purchasing power of the population in Serbia would increase, because the company MK Group is primarily focused on domestic consumers, although 45 percent of its revenue comes from exports.