Miodrag Kostić has participated at the Family Business Network Conference


Topics of the panel dicussion organized in Belgrade were family-owned companies, their role in the economy, and the need for support for their transformation and progress.

The President of MK Group Miodrag Kostić underlined on that occasion that people who run their own companies are in a minority, and that young people or potential entrepreneurs are demotivated by the environment, value system and education.

“I’m of the opinion that family-owned businesses are the toughest and the most sustainable part of the Serbian economy, which produces a large percentage of additional value, especially having in mind their size”, said Mr. Kostić and added that it is necessary for young people from Serbia to be encouraged to start theirown business and to look up to successful examples of good practice.

He also said that the chance for the region of Western Balkans regarding the global economy is to connect successful individuals who stand out in an international market.

Apart from Mr. Kostić, other panel speakers were the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Čadež, President of FBN Adria region and Director of the Slovenian technology company Atek Davor Jakulin, and the Chairman of the Management Board of NLB Group Blaž Brodnjak.

In the forthcoming year, FBN will organize five events in the region. Two of these events will welcome the global entrepreneurship network members. In order to build a regional network and connect with investors – family-owned companies that are part of the network.