Miodrag Kostić Is the First Recipient of the Golden Charter for his Contribution to the Kopaonik Business Forum


In the presence of a large number of representatives of the Serbian and regional business community at the opening of the XXXI Kopaonik Business Forum, the Association of Economists of Serbia awarded the Golden Charter to Miodrag Kostić, the President and Founder of MK Group. This recognition for long-term cooperation, support and exceptional contribution in the organization of the most prestigious economic conference in the country, which is traditionally held at the Grand Hotel in Kopaonik, was received by Mihailo Janković, General Director of MK Group.

„Miodrag Kostić’s participation in the business community and his contribution to the development of the economy are known throughout the Adria region and beyond. We are extremely proud of everything he has achieved during the past four decades of business, and I believe that MK Group will once again confirm its leadership position with future investments. We are most proud of the Miodrag Kostić Endowment project and the future Palace of Science, an investment worth 25 million euros, which will open its doors to the public at the end of the year. With this act, Mr. Kostić gives lasting value to our society, showing once again that in addition to all his business successes, he also deserves the title of a modern philanthropist,” said Mihailo Janković.

„I want to point out the contribution of Miodrag Kostić, who always made himself and all his resources available to us as organizers, and therefore the success of this Forum belongs equally to us and to him. He is the first laureate of the Golden Charter of the Kopaonik Business Forum thanks to his impressive business successes”, said Aleksandar Vlahović, President of the Association of Economists of Serbia.

The Kopaonik Business Forum traditionally gathers a large number of economists, businessmen and top experts every year in order to provide answers to the biggest challenges of the Serbian economy. Representatives of the MK Group Company, which is focused on creating positive changes for all future generations, will share their knowledge and experience with all visitors to this prestigious conference.