Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, participated in the Second Adriatic Dialogue


President of MK Group, Miodrag Kostić, has participated as a panelist at the conference in Ljubljana organized by the Adriatic Council. On this occasion Mr. Kostić said that the present battle for successful survival in the economy and business operations is the global bettle where the big players are well positioned.

“Considering individual countries in the region, our markets are very small and on the other hand, it is the fact that we all want to export more and sell our goods to more markets. Therefore, if we speak about the food industry, I strongly support connecting of the strongest regional food companies and creation of regional brands. Only then can we equally fight with the big players” emphasized the President of MK Group.

Adriatic Dialogue is held for the second time in Ljubljana. The aim of the conference is to have constructive debate on ways to improve political and economic community in the Adriatic region. Participants are eminent personalities and experts in the fields of politics, economy, non-governmental organizations and the media.