Miodrag Kostic with participants of the educational program “Champions of AmCham – AmChamps”


Belgrade, 09 June 9, 2014 – Participants of the unique educational program “AmChamps” of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Serbia had the opportunity last weekend to hear at first hand the President of MK Group Miodrag Kostić, his experience and advice for the future leaders on their path to business success.

Kostić is of the opinion that “the most important for young people is the energy and the desire for success you can see in their eyes”. Being enterprising and determined also stand high on the list of desirable traits, as well as being resourceful and eager to find the best solution for the tasks given at any time.

“People who are at the forefront of large companies highly appreciate when young people are ready to fight for solutions that are considered to be the best in the given the circumstances, even if they have to show they disagree with their superiors,” says Kostic. One of the most valuable advice for young people who are just about to enter into the business world is to adjust their personal ambitions and their abilities, but most of all it is important to know that “he who does not know how to lose, will not know how to deal with victory,” said the founder and the President of MK Group, one of the member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Educational program “Champions of AmCham – AmChamps” is designed for the best students of the University of Belgrade and successful young managers from member companies of AmCham where the annual program provides the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, experience and skills that will help them meet the demands of modern labor market and enable them to successfully build their careers. Twenty students and twenty managers form twenty pairs (student-manager) attending lectures, participating in various workshops, solving tasks and improving their skills. The goal of the program is to develop the potential and gain practical experience, enable young professionals to assume leadership positions in their fields and contribute to the development of the society and the economy.

Apart from supporting young talented people and providing the necessary knowledge and skills for successful navigation in the modern business environment, the educational program of AmCham, provide an opportunity for students based on the results displayed in the program to perform an internship in one of the most prestigious international companies, AmCham members in Serbia, as well as a scholarship for MBA studies at the renowned school “Cotrugli Business School”.