MK Group acquires PIK Bečej


Novi Sad, 17 December 2015 – MK Group has acquired Agricultural Combine (PIK) Bečej for 45.5 million EUR today by outbidding Meat Industry Matijević at the public auction.

MK Group and Matijevic were the only participants in the auction whose starting price was 42.7 million EUR. They have submitted the bank guarantees in the amount of 17.1 million EUR.

“We are already recognized in the market of Serbia as a leader in the field of agriculture and the purchase of agricultural combine (PIK) Bečej is fully in line with our strategic objectives. It is still early to talk about plans, but our goal is to create a modern company with European standards. In the future we are planning to employ a certain number of workers and their number will certainly increase in the future depending on improvement and expansion of certain segments of the company“ said Jovan Purar, Director of MK Group on the occasion of purchasing of PIK Bečej.