MK Group and AIK Bank: 700,000 Euros for the Future of the Region


Being an employer engaging 6,000 people in the Adriatic region, for four years now, MK Group has been emphasizing the importance of new generations for the future of the region through the “Family Support” Project. The Project “Family Support” is aimed at all our employees who have become parents in the current year, and through this Project more than 620 families and over 1,000 children have been awarded a total of over 31 million dinars so far.

We have now expanded the program externally and, together with AIK Bank, provided financial donations to maternity hospitals in the countries in which we actively operate and whose total value is more than 700,000 euros. Thus, maternity hospitals in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive financial aid.

The Project “Family Support” is being implemented in all countries of the region along with the official support of the Ministries of Health. At the meetings held on that occasion, the Department Ministers expressed their gratitude to MK Group and AIK Bank for donations improving conditions for pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies and supporting long-term family policy and measures to encourage natality.