After successfully making donations to maternity hospitals in the entire Adriatic region last year, MK Group and AIK Bank are continuing their regional social responsibility program “Family Support”. This year, funds in the amount of 600,000 euros will be earmarked for the improvement of conditions in nurseries and kindergartens in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

As socially responsible business is the strategic commitment of the company, continued investment and care for children, youth and family will be the focus in the year in which MK Group celebrates an important anniversary – 40 years of successful business.

For kindergartens in Serbia, renovating or equipping their premises, MK Group and AIK Bank allocated an amount of 200,000 euros, with a focus on the municipalities where they operate: Vrbas, Bečej, Kovačica, Pećinci, Novi Sad, Raška, Golubac and Niš. On this occasion, a meeting was held in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, thanked the companies for their contribution to the economic life of Serbia and expressed her satisfaction that the Government of Serbia will work with them on this important project.

MK Group and AIK Banka are among the investors who are successfully operating both in Serbia and in the region. Socially responsible business is an aspect without which the State cannot be successful. It gives me special pleasure that these companies, in the year they celebrate their jubilee, donate funds in the amount of 200,000 euros to kindergartens in our country, in eight local governments. I believe that with the help of the Ministry, we will invest the funds in what is most needed and as to be complementary to everything that the Government has done so far. This is an example to all other companies of how to oprate in a good manner”, emphasized the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

In addition to Prime Minister Brnabić, the meeting was also attended by the Minister of Education, Branko Ružić, who also expressed his gratitude to the companies for improving conditions in preschool institutions. By cooperating with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the relevant Ministry, donors will receive support in the process of defining the mechanism for the realization of donations and determining the purpose of funds in accordance with priority needs.

I am proud to be able to say on behalf of MK Group that for the seventh year, together with AIK Bank, we have implemented the socially responsible Program “Family Support”. This year, we earmarked donations in the amount of 600,000 euros for the improvement of conditions in kindergartens in Serbia and the region. Gifting the youngest is the best way to start celebrating our anniversary – four decades of business. In 2023 alone, we will allocate over one million euros for various activities aimed at children, because by investing in them, we are celebrating the future”, said Mihailo Janković, Director General of MK Group.

„In all the communities where we operate, we actively contribute to the improvement of the conditions in which children grow up, are educated and develop. I am happy that we are expanding our “Family Support” program with new activities every year, and that we have dedicated this year’s donations to kindergartens where our children spend their earliest years. Taking care of the youngest is taking care of the common future of all of us”, said Jelena Galić, Chairman of the Executive Board of AIK Bank.

The “Family Support” Program is existing since 2017, when it was launched with the aim of financially rewarding MK Group and AIK Bank employees who succeed in the role of parents, to later be expanded externally, through donations to institutions that deal with children and young people, as well as strengthening families as the basic unit of society. Last year, the Project dealt with the improvement of conditions in maternity wards with a focus on babies, pregnant women and women giving birth, while this year the topic is preschool education and development of children aged one to six.