MK Group and AIK Bank Donate EUR 200,000 to Maternity Hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina


MK Group and AIK Bank formally presented donations to maternity hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of their regional “Family Support” campaign, which is also implemented in Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. A total of EUR 200,000 was donated to three maternity hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Sarajevo, this donation was used to purchase a laparoscopic column for the maternity ward of the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdullah Nakaš,” while the donation that went to Republika Srpska was shared by the maternity wards of the “Dr. Mladen Stojanović” Hospital in Prijedor and the Gradiška Hospital, for the purchase of much-needed medical equipment.

Dr. Aida Đurđević, Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Unit at the General Hospital “Prim. dr. Abdullah Nakaš,” expressed gratitude to MK Group and AIK Bank for this valuable donation. “Our hospital can now conduct four to five endoscopic gynaecological operations every day (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) that considerably help in boosting fertility rates, thanks to this priceless donation. This minimally invasive surgical method is the gold standard, and it significantly advances our vision of creating a unit where all assisted reproduction procedures will be carried out,” said Dr. Đurđević.

Dr. Rajko Dodik, General Manager of the Public Healthcare Institution – Gradiška Hospital, stated that this gesture is crucial for this medical centre since it will improve treatment for infants and their mothers. “We are grateful to MK Group and AIK Bank for supporting our efforts to provide the greatest hospital environment possible, as we could not have purchased the newest technology on our own,” pointed out Dr. Dodik.

Andrija Vukotić, General Manager of the “Dr. Mladen Stojanović” Hospital, agreed with this statement. “The donation enabled our healthcare workers to serve their patients more effectively. We hope that other companies will follow this positive example of supporting healthcare and maternity wards,” said Vukotić.

MK Group and AIK Bank representatives paid visits to the maternity wards in each of the three hospitals and complimented the management and heads of the gynaecology and obstetrics units on the efficient use of the donations and procurement of equipment.

On the occasion of presenting donations, Aleksandra Stojanović, Head of Corporate Affairs at MK Group, said the following: “Since its launch five years ago, our “Family Support” campaign has been designed with our employees who are also parents in mind. Last year, the campaign was expanded to donations to maternity hospitals and turned into a large regional project worth over EUR 700,000. In this way, we managed to provide support not only to the families of our employees, but also to future parents in the countries of the entire Adria region.”

Jelena Galić, President of AIK Bank’s Executive Board, emphasized on the same occasion that investing in children actually implies investing in future: “Our mission is to help the entire region have the best possible conditions for the birth of new life. We also wanted to let parents know that we stand by them on such significant occasions as the birth of a child.”

The “Family Support” regional campaign aims to improve the living conditions for expectant mothers, new moms, and babies as well as to sustain long-term family policies and initiatives aimed at boosting birth rates in the countries in the region where AIK Bank and MK Group operate. Over the previous five years, these organizations have allocated more than five million euros for socially responsible activities in the local communities where they are present.