MK Group and AIK Bank donated 100,000 euros for the renovation of rooms in the “Slobodan Penezić” Student Hall in Belgrade


MK Group and AIK Bank signed a Donation Agreement of 100,000 euros for the Student Center “Belgrade”, an institution that provides accommodation services for 10,500 students in 14 student dormitories in the capital. Financial resources will be used for the renovation and furnishing of the “Slobodan Penezić” Student Hall in Zvezdara. This donation is part of a regional philanthropic program worth 350,000 euros, which will include the renovation of four student halls in the countries of the Adria region where MK Group operates, and represents the continuation of regular activities supporting children, youth and education.

The donation to the Student Center “Belgrade” is realized with the support of the Ministry of Education helped in choosing the appropriate investment project, with its strategic guidelines and insights into the student standard, so that the donated money would be used in the best interest of the students.

„I would like to thank MK Group and AIK Bank, who recognized the importance of investing in education and who, through the “Family Support” program, strive to contribute to the improvement of the conditions and lives of students who live in student halls. Thanks to this donation of 100,000 euros, part of the students who will be staying in the “Slobodan Penezić” Student Hall in the coming school year will have new rooms and good conditions for studying, working and living. Accommodation during studies continues to be one of the most important issues for students studying abroad and their parents. Our goal is to provide additional capacities and create good and economically acceptable conditions for housing students. On this path, it is very important and good that we have the support of socially responsible companies such as MK Group and AIK Banka, which recognize that caring for young people and improving education is the responsibility of all of us. I believe that this initiative will motivate other responsible companies to opt in our joint efforts through various actions and programs to create good conditions for our young people to grow up and learn”, said the Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Slavica Đukić Dejanović.

Renovation in the Student Hall “Slobodan Penezić” will include the replacement of floors, interior doors, painting and painting works and complete furnishing of student rooms. Goran Minić, Director of the Student Center “Belgrade”, expressed his gratitude to the donors. “It is a great honor and pleasure for me to thank my friends from the company MK Group and AIK Bank on behalf of the Student Center “Belgrade” Institution, for an extremely significant donation that will contribute to improving the living and working conditions of our students. Thanks to this program, we have the opportunity to renovate and fully equip 15 rooms in Pavilion 3 of the “Slobodan Penezić” Student Hall by the end of October, which will allow us to continue our work on improving student standards in our institution. Thank you for sharing our vision and for recognizing the importance of investing in young talents”, said Goran Minić.

„After the continuous donations made during the past years as part of the socially responsible program “Family Support”, we continue to support the community in which we live, ensuring a better and more promising future for young people. AIK Bank’s donation to the Student Hall “Slobodan Penezić” in Belgrade, in the amount of 100,000 euros, will enable the renovation and improvement of the space where the students reside. The goal of the donation is to create adequate conditions for achieving the best academic results and realizing the full potential of young people in Serbia,” said Petar Jovanović, President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank.

„This year, students are the focus of our regional social responsibility program, which we traditionally implement in Serbia together with AIK Bank. For student halls in the Adria region, specifically in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia, we will allocate a total of 350,000 euros. Our desire is to contribute to the education and development of new generations, and to provide the best students with quality conditions for learning and living during their studies. Through this year’s donations, we will cover several thousand students who live in halls in Belgrade, Podgorica, Ljubljana and Zagreb”, said Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group.

Students who will be staying in the “Slobodan Penezić” Student Hall in the upcoming school year will receive new rooms in October. Donations to student halls were preceded by donations to preschool institutions and maternity hospitals. Just last year, MK Group and AIK Bank set aside 680,000 euros for the renovation of twenty kindergartens in the Adria region, while in 2022 they donated 570,000 euros to 7 maternity hospitals in the Adria region, all within the “Family Support” program, which continuously provides support to children and young people.