As part of the regional project “Family Support”, MK Group and AIK Bank realized donations in seven maternity hospitals in the five countries of the Adria region where they operate. They allocated a total of 700,000 euros for the Project whose goal is to support measures to increase the birth rate and family policy. In Croatia, the amount of 100,000 euros was donated to the Maternity Hospital of the Clinical Hospital Center of the Sisters of Mercy in Zagreb, where about 3,000 babies are born every year. The donation was used to purchase a state-of-the-art ultrasound device that will be used to examine pregnant women and women in labor.

Director of Clinical Hospital Center Sisters of Mercy, Prof. Ph.D. Davora Vagić thanked the donors: “I am glad that the Clinical Hospital Center of the Sisters of Mercy and our Clinic for Women’s Diseases and Childbirth are part of a large regional donor project initiated by MK Grupa and AIK Bank. An ultrasound device worth one hundred thousand euros, which we received as a gift as part of the “Family Support” Project, will surely improve the health care of our pregnant women and mothers in labor. We thank the donors, because this gesture shows that our common task is to take care of future generations in all countries of this part of Europe “.

The Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group, Aleksandra Stojanović, said: “The family has been the focus of our Group since its foundation. That is why we systematically approach this topic and implement numerous socially responsible activities aimed at children, young people and support for parents. Around 140,000 babies are born in the entire region every year, and our desire is to contribute to the improvement of the conditions in which mothers bring them into the world. “

The Project “Family Support” was expanded last year with donations to maternity hospitals, and otherwise it is a traditional program for employees jointly implemented by MK Group and AIK Bank. Over 700 families and 1150 babies of employees have been awarded in the five years it has been in operation.

In the name of the AIK Banking Group, Mario Henjak, President of the Board of Gorenjska banka, said: “We are very pleased to have enriched our “Family Support” Program with donations to maternity hospitals. In this way, we support not only the families of our employees, but also future parents in the countries of the Adria Region, and we want to show that we are with them in such an important and special moment as the birth of a child. “

In addition to the Clinical Hospital Center Sisters of Mercy, donations from MK Group and AIK Bank as part of the “Family Support” program are implemented in six more maternity hospitals in the region – in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In total, about 16 thousand babies are born in them every year and they will come into the world in better conditions.