MK Group and AIK Bank Donated 25,000 Euros to the “Maslačak” Kindergarten in Niš


“Maslačak” Kindergarten, within the Pčelica Preschool in Niš, solemnly marked the completion of works that were realized thanks to the donation of MK Group and AIK Bank. As part of the “Family Support” Project, the companies allocated 25,000 euros for this kindergarten, and donated a total of 350,000 euros for all kindergartens in Serbia.

The donation to the kindergarten “Maslačak” included the complete repair of the facade, concreting of the dilapidated yard, repair of ruined terraces and installation of new fences, as well as planting greenery. “Until now, we have not renovated the exterior of the kindergarten, but have invested more in its interior.” Large terraces are very important for working with children, where teachers will be able to organize numerous interesting activities”, said Svetlana Mitić, Director of the kindergarten, expressing her gratitude to the donor companies.

The opening of the reconstructed kindergarten was also attended by Predrag Nešović, Head of the School Institution Niš, who pointed out that this support program implemented by MK Group and AIK Bank also provides assistance to local governments, so that the youngest fellow citizens are provided with the best conditions to develop in a quality and creative environment.

„The planning and decoration of kindergartens in Serbia is a continuation of the “Family Support” program that AIK Bank has been successfully implementing for years in cooperation with MK Group. Commitment to children and family is part of our strategic commitment, because we believe that investing in the education and well-being of our youngest is the key to building a prosperous and inclusive community. We are especially glad that we are part of the upbringing of our little ones in Niš and that we have the opportunity to make their stay in the kindergarten more pleasant”, said Elena Drašković, head of the Communications Department of AIK Bank.

In the following period, the completion of works will be marked in all kindergartens in Serbia that received donations, and by the end of the year, a total of more than 20 kindergartens in the entire Adria region will be reconstructed, for which MK Group and AIK Bank allocated 750,000 euros.