MK Group and AIK Bank helped 2,500 childred and young people in Niš


MK Group and AIK Bank, recognized for their support programs for children and families, have been supporting the organization SOS Children’s Villages Serbia for ten years, and for the last three years they have been supporting the work of their special program – the Center for Family Support in Niš, to which they donated a total of 96,000 euros.

Upon this year’s donation in the amount of 36,000 euros, representatives of MK Group, AIK Bank and SOS Children’s Villages of Serbia were welcomed in the City Hall in Niš by Dragana Sotirovski, the Mayor of Niš, who emphasized the importance of aiding the socially vulnerable population and empowering families at risk of displacement of children. Hereby, an Agreement on Cooperation was also signed between the City of Niš and SOS Children’s Villages Serbia, aimed at the realization of joint activities for providing support to children, young people and families at risk, improving social inclusion, reducing poverty, economic empowerment and family functionality, through the implementation of SOS Family Strengthening Program.

Vesna Mraković, National Manager of SOS Children’s Village Serbia, thanked the donors for their continuous support: “For ten years, MK Group and AIK Banka have been with the children and SOS Children’s Village, and we are especially grateful to them for their donations to the Nis Center for Family Support.” The Center’s activities are aimed at aiding socially disadvantaged families, who, due to unfavorable life circumstances, found themselves at risk of child separation. The Center’s associates work with families who are preparing for the return of the child after a period of separation, as well as with foster parents who provide alternative care for the children. “.

Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group, said regarding the donation: “For three years in a row, we have supported the Center for Family Support in Nis.” Since the establishment of the Center, thanks to their work, about 1,500 children from Niš, more than 1,000 young people and adults, in over 640 families have received help. We are glad that we participated in this endeavor and with helped our donation to implement this Support Program. “

Jelena Galić, Chairman of the Execuive Board of AIK Bank, pointed out: „Together, we should take care of the youngest members of our society, and enable them to grow up worriless, something that every child deserves. Support for families, children and young people is an important segment of our socially responsible activities and in the coming period we will continue with activities in this field. “

In the past ten years, MK Group and AIK Bank have donated more than 350,000 euros to the organization SOS Children’s Villages Serbia and their projects through various forms of assistance. The Group continuously supports all local communities in which it operates, and in the last five years it has invested five million euros in socially responsible activities.