MK Group and AIK Banka Donate EUR 25,000 to a Preschool in Golubac


MK Group and AIK Bank donated EUR 25,000 to the development of the Lasta Preschool as part of the “Family Support” project, transforming the building of the Lasta Preschool within the Lasta Preschool Institution in Golubac into a shining new facility.

The entire preschool building was painted, the aged inside joinery was replaced, and new floors were installed as part of the contribution to the Lasta Preschool. “With the help of this donation, we were able to replace 400 square meters of floors and interior joinery, smooth the walls, and paint the preschool facility in less than a month. I think the changes in our preschool will result in an increase in the number of children enrolled in our preschool education program,” said Milena Đurđević, Director of the Lasta Preschool Institution, Golubac.

Nebojša Mijović, President of the Municipality of Golubac, also attended the opening of the renovated preschool. He thanked the sponsors and expressed hope that the municipality would become even more beautiful and refined in the future. Veliša Joksimović, head of the Požarevac School Institution, said that family support primarily implied support for children, their development and the entire region.

“MK Group celebrates its 40th anniversary by supporting and assisting the young. We are implementing donations to preschools around the area as part of our “Family Support” initiative, and one of them is the preschool in Golubac, a municipality where we will open the first wind farm in eastern Serbia before the end of the year. The refurbishment of this preschool was completed in partnership with AIK Bank. The donation is worth EUR 25,000, and we have budgeted EUR 350,000 for Serbian preschools,” said Tamara Veselinović, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing of MK Group.

By the end of the year, more than 20 preschools in the entire Adria region will be rebuilt, for which MK Group and AIK Banka have allotted EUR 750,000. In the near future, the completion of works in the other seven Serbian preschools that received donations will also be noted.