MK Group and AIK Banka Donate EUR 25,000 to the “Veselo Detinjstvo” Preschool in Raška


The learning environment in which preschoolers will get a chance to grow and develop has been enriched thanks to a donation by MK Group and AIK Bank, who contributed EUR 25,000 within the “Family Support” program to the “Veselo Detinjstvo” preschool in Raška. The Grand Kopaonik Hotel is located within the tourist segment of MK Group’s operations in this municipality. Together with AIK Bank, MK Group has provided EUR 350,000 for preschools in eight Serbian towns as part of this socially responsible program as it marks a historic jubilee, four decades of prosperous business.

Renovations were made to the classrooms where children play and stay thanks to a donation to the Raška preschool. Along with new furniture, the children also received didactic furniture that will further foster their learning and creativity. The preschool remodelling project was aimed at enhancing the whole preschool experience for children as well as the potential for growth through play-based learning. “We are extremely pleased to be able to officially open our doors and demonstrate how we have remodelled the three classrooms for the stay of our children. This has been made possible by MK Group and AIK Banka, and we are grateful that they have recognized our needs among the many preschools in the Republic of Serbia,” said Violeta Knežević, Director of the “Veselo Detinjstvo” preschool in Raška.

“Supporting families, children, and young people is a strategic priority of our social responsibility program. This year, we chose to support preschools in the communities where we operate around the region. As this year marks the 40th anniversary of MK Group with the slogan “Celebrating the Future”, we believe that the best way to do this is through investing in children. We have allocated a total of EUR 350,000 for eight preschools in Serbia, together with AIK Bank, and among them is the “Veselo Detinjstvo” preschool in Raška. We will continue to invest in the new generations that are our future,” said Mihailo Janković, CEO of MK Group.

Periša Ivanović, Assistant to the Executive Board of AIK Bank, reminded that they base their business strategy on the attitude towards employees, clients and social responsibility. “As part of the “Family Support” project, we are committed to the youngest members of society and I believe that this donation will help children and preschool teachers grow and work in improved conditions,” said Ivanović.

The tour of the preschool upon the successful completion of the remodelling was attended by Bojana Marinković, Head of the Kraljevo School Administration and Nemanja Popović, President of the Municipality of Raška.

By the end of the year, more than 20 preschools in the entire Adria region will be rebuilt, for which MK Group and AIK Banka have allotted EUR 750,000. In the near future, the completion of works in the other seven Serbian preschools that received donations will also be noted.