MK Group and Gorenjska banka, also recognized in Slovenia for their social responsibility program “Family Support”, will allocate funds in the total amount of 150,000 euros for kindergartens in this country. This year’s donation will exceed last year’s successful donation to the maternity hospital in Ljubljana, when the focus was on babies and parents. Now the support for children and families continues through investment in kindergartens, and this campaign with a total value of 600,000 euros will be implemented throughout the Adria region. Donations are being made this year on the occasion of MK Group’s big jubilee – 40 years of successful business operations.

At a working meeting with the State Secretary in the Ministry of Education of Slovenia, Boris Černilac, representatives of donors discussed the donation to kindergartens that will be implemented this year in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Izola and Portorož. After accepting donations and expressing gratitude to MK Group and Gorenjska banka, meetings with representatives of municipalities and kindergartens will follow in order to determine all the details of the project, contributing to the additional quality of life and future generations in Slovenia with their socially responsible activities.

Jovan Purar, director of MK Group: »Children are the focus of our umbrella socially responsible program Family Support, through which we organize various activities aimed at creating the best possible environment for the new generations. There is no better way to start celebrating four decades of MK Group’s work than by giving gifts to the youngest. In the spirit of our jubilee slogan “Celebrating the Future”, this year we are investing in the kindergartens and children of the future«.

Mario Henjak, President of the Management Board of Gorenjska banka: “Sustainability goes beyond the social responsibility program.” With our vision, values and projects, we at Gorenjska banka want to contribute to an active and inclusive society. This year’s donation to kindergartens strengthens our determination and encourages our little ones to be playfully curious and creative, and brings additional satisfaction with kindergartens to parents.“

In addition to Slovenia, the regional project “Family Support” also takes place in other countries of the Adria region where MK Group operates – Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. In addition to donations aimed at improving conditions for children and providing long-term support for family policy, it also includes rewarding employees who become parents, and as such has been implemented for seven years.