MK Group is the winner of the main VIRTUS Award for philanthropy, for the Company’s contribution at the national level in 2020. This prestigious award is given by the Trag Foundation, which for the fourteenth year in a row awards companies and individual donors who have supported the common good initiatives in the previous year in the longest term and most effective way. The VIRTUS Award, as the first and most significant award for philanthropy in Serbia, is given with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Union, the Balkan Democracy Fund, the Balkan Civil Society Development Network and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

„We thank the Trag Foundation for recognizing the efforts of MK Group to build its corporate philanthropy program on donations of national importance and actively help the most vulnerable groups. Last year, our activities were focused on effective assistance in the fight against the Covid-19 virus pandemic and the benefits of which will be felt immediately. We have once again shown that we are here when most needed, and have provided strong support to our health care system and fellow citizens. We have continued our long-term projects focused on child care. Investing in health, education and programs for young people will continue to be our strategic commitment“, said Aleksandar Kostic, Vice President of MK Group.

„I would like to remind you that MK Group has carried out about 500 socially responsible activities worth five million euros in the past five years. Our company is not only a promoter of the Serbian economy, but also a stable support to society and a reliable partner for over 120 communities in which we operate, “said Aleksandra Stojanovic, Corporate Affairs Director of MK Group.

Every year, the Trag Foundation bestows VIRTUS Awards, with the aim of promoting and affirming philanthropic ideas and initiatives. “Last year was extremely difficult and challenging, which is why the awards we bestow for 2020 have additional value. Congratulations to MK Group on the VIRTUS Main Award for the company’s contribution at the national level. Through their activities, they showed the commitment, continuity and strategic direction of financial and goods donations. We believe that their example will stimulate the development of local philanthropy and dation for the common good“, said Marija Mitrović, Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships at the Trag Foundation.

Last year, MK Group was among the first to join the fight against the corona virus, and in 2020 alone donated one million euros, primarily for the purchase of medical equipment and support to health institutions, as well as for humanitarian packages for the most vulnerable residents of Serbia. It also implemented a large regional project “For Regional Heroes”, which provided 450 doctors and health workers with free vacations in MK Group hotels in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, as a sign of gratitude for their heroic efforts.