MK Group Awarded a Donation Worth 50,000 Euros to a Maternity Hospital in Montenegro


MK Group awarded a donation, announced last year, to a Maternity Hospital in Montenegro, as part of the regional project “Family Support “, which was implemented in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia in addition to Montenegro.

The amount of the donation is 50,000 euros, and for this amount, a warm table for babies and an ultrasound machine were donated to the Maternity Ward of the “Danilo I” General Hospital in Cetinje, which was installed today in the obstetrics department.

„On behalf of the Government of Montenegro, I would like to thank MK Group for a valuable donation to a designated hospital, more precisely the gynecology department in Cetinje. The donation came at a time when we started with the reconstruction and equipping of health institutions in Cetinje, in order to create better conditions for the work of our employees, and especially for better health care and services for our citizens. Gynecology in Cetinje bears the epithet of the founder of this field in Montenegrin healthcare, and the generations of professionals who grew up in this Institution serve the profession and the State with pride. The joy of birth and the creation of a new life is a special moment in the life of every person. We are all together on the same task to make that moment worthy and worthy of the time in which we live. I believe that the donated equipment to Cetinje Gynecology will be a significant contribution to the improvement of working conditions in this Institution”, said Dragoslav Šćekić, Minister of Health of Montenegro.

On behalf of the “Danilo I” Hospital in Cetinje, acting director Dr. Ivan Ivanović said that this donation will help newborn babies and their healthcare staff to provide the best possible service to their patients. “I would like to thank the company MK Group, which, as part of its policy of socially responsible behavior, decided this year to direct a donation of 50,000 euros to the Cetinje General Hospital,” said Dr. Ivanović and added that 350 babies are born in this hospital every year.

On the occasion of the completion of the donation, Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group, said: “With the donation to the Maternity Hospital in Montenegro, we close this year’s cycle of the socially responsible program “Family Support”, which now has been existing for five years. Initially, it was intended for our employees who fulfill their role as parents, but last year we expanded it with donations to maternity hospitals and turned it into a large regional project worth over 700,000 euros. In this way, we provided support not only to the families of our employees, but also to future parents in the countries of the Adria region“.

The Regional Project “Family Support” aims to provide better conditions for pregnant women, mothers and newborns, but also to provide long-term support for family policy in the countries of the region where MK Group operates intensively. It included donations for seven maternity hospitals where a total of 16,000 babies are born each year.