MK Group is the winner of the award for socially responsible business “Đorđe Weifert” for the year 2022, which is awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The Company was among the five best in the category of large systems, and was awarded for its program “Family Support” and the Project of Donations to Maternity Hospitals in Serbia and the region with a total value of 700,000 euros.

This is the third consecutive recognition that MK Group has received at the contest organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce every two years, in order to promote business based on the principles of responsibility and sustainable development. In 2021, the Company was recognized for its support to healthcare institutions and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and two years earlier it was the winner of the “Family Friend” award.

On the occasion of this year’s recognition, Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs and member of the Board of Directors of MK Group, said: “We are especially happy that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce’s recognition comes in a year when our Company celebrates 40 years of business and also celebrates the future through new investments, both in sustainable development and social community.

Our “Family Support” Program is entering its seventh year, and thereby we will implement numerous socially responsible activities with a total value of over one million euros. After last year’s donations to maternity hospitals for which we were awarded, this year a special project will be donations to kindergartens in Serbia and the region. We continue to support children, parenting and family “.

At the ceremony held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, national awards and special recognitions were presented to companies that, in addition to complying with legal regulations, contribute to the society as a whole with their attitude towards employees, the community and the environment. 35 companies took part in the ninth competition in a row, and this competition stands out for its comprehensive approach and methodology that takes into account all the most important aspects of the sustainable business operations of companies.