MK Group Develops Experts for Digitalization of Agriculture


MK Group has just realized the first cycle of the Digital Academy. With this program, designed to develop talent, improve the knowledge and experience of employees, MK Group once again emphasized the importance of investing in its own staff, especially those who are carriers of digitalization of agriculture.

During the nine months of the Digital Academy, the most talented experts from the MK Group system had the opportunity to get acquainted with the most modern technology in agriculture through 9 modules, to use flying drones, but also through project management, business processes and financial management to improve agronomic knowledge and managerial skills. In practical workshops, participants improved the skills of using the programs necessary for a digital agronomist, such as the use of unmanned tractors and crop monitoring with the help of satellites through projected growth, development and yield.

,, As regional leaders in agriculture, we recognize the importance and potential of digitalization of this segment. In order to successfully implement automation and robotization of processes, we believe that it is crucial to educate and improve the knowledge and skills of our employees. They are the real carriers of digitalization. It was with this intention in mind that we launched the first cycle of the Digital Academy last year. A year later, we are pleased to have discussed with first-generation participants their ideas and initiatives to improve agriculture and that we are going to implement some of them“, saud Miloš Mijović, Director of MK Agriculture.

The Board of Directors of MK Group rated the work of Milena Mrkajić from MK Agropanonia as the best at this year’s Digital Academy.
„It is a great pleasure to be the best digital agronomist of MK Group, especially in the year when digitalization has shown all its importance. The use of laser robots for the purpose of precision agriculture could drastically change agriculture, but also bring great savings. I will also mention that this model of weed control is an excellent solution in terms of environmental protection, said Milena Mrkajić, Chief Plant Protection Technologist at MK Agropanonia.

The Digital Academy aims to develop talents, raise the capacity of employees and constantly educate staff, and in the first year the best finalists were from the companies Sunoko, MK Agropanonija, PIK Bečej and Agrounija. The next generation of Digital Agronomists will begin their further training in October 2022.

,, The use of innovative and digital tools has become imperative and companies that have not yet recognized this will not be able to adapt to the increasingly dynamic market competition in the long run. Hence the long-term commitment of MK Group to invest in our most important resource – our people, who are truly the bearers of further growth and development. In this way, we continuously develop our colleagues because we are aware that by investing in employees we create a motivating and positive atmosphere in the organization. When talents with such skills remain part of the team, their contribution is immeasurable, ” said Marina Rakić, Director of Human Resources at MK Group.

MK Group is a leading investment group in Southeast Europe, which manages more than 70 companies in the fields of agriculture and food production, banking, services, real estate and renewable energy. The Group employs more than 6,000 people from the entire Adriatic region.