MK Group Donates EUR 100,000 to Montenegrin Preschools


This year, MK Group donated EUR 100,000 to preschools in Montenegro. Funds were provided to Podgorica and Budva preschools for equipment and renovations. Thanks to donations made to three preschool facilities in these two locations children are now staying in more pleasant and imaginative settings. The donations were made as a part of the socially conscious regional “Family Support” initiative in the year when MK Group celebrates its 40th anniversary in business and decided to donate more than EUR 1 million for charitable endeavours in honour of the milestone.

Members of the Montenegrin Ministry of Education, which assisted in choosing the preschools that were awarded funding, attended the ceremonial display of finished projects in Montenegro’s preschools.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, I would like to convey my personal feelings of gratitude and appreciation to MK Group for their recognition of the needs of our youngest citizens and their investment in improving the work we do in Montenegrin educational institutions and preschools,” said Aleksandra Kuč, General Director of the Directorate for Preschool, Primary and Inclusive Education, before the Montenegrin Ministry of Education. She also expressed her hope that more initiatives similar to this one will be taken in the future to improve the work quality of all preschool employees and the upbringing of children.

Speaking about MK Group’s seventh year of implementing the regional socially conscious “Family Support” initiative, Jovan Purar, Head of the Company’s Legal and General Affairs, discussed the program.

“MK Group continues its socially conscious “Family Support” initiative throughout the region as it marks 40 years of business this year. We allocated EUR 100,000 for preschools in Podgorica and Budva, Montenegro. As a result of these donations, children attending these preschools will have more idyllic and enjoyable childhoods and better environments for growth and development. This year, in honour of our company’s jubilee, we donated a total of EUR 750,000 to over 20 preschools in the Adria region. By investing in the youngest members of our society, we celebrate the future because we think the best is yet to come in the communities in which we operate,” said Jovan Purar.

The heads of Montenegro’s preschools also conveyed their appreciation for these donations. The play and learning areas at the preschool “Suncokrili” in Podgorica now have new didactic furniture, the yard furniture has been upgraded, and a learning centre for children with special needs has also been outfitted. The preschool facility “Đina Vrbica” used the donated funds to buy yard equipment, tables, chairs, and cribs, as well as for painting and blind installation. The preschool facility “Ljubica Jovanović – Maše” in Budva invested in baby changing furniture, new chairs, tables, wall shelves and cabinets, as well as replacement of floors and carpentry.

After the completion of the project in Montenegro and Serbia, by year’s end, donation projects will also be completed in preschools in Slovenia and Croatia on the occasion of four decades of MK Group activity in the region. By the end of the year, more than 20 preschool facilities in the entire Adria region will be reconstructed.