MK Group Focuses on New Investments and Sustainable Development


This year as well, MK Group confirmed why it is one of the key participants of the Kopaonik Business Forum, which is traditionally held at the Grand Hotel and gathers the business community of Serbia. The Company presented its commitment to sustainable development and investments in renewable energy sources through examples of good practice.

Mihailo Janković, CEO of MK Group, participated in the panel “The Road to Energy Transition”, where he highlighted the key factors that will shape the future of the energy sector. Answering question about the importance of private investments in this sector, he confirmed MK Group’s intention to invest intensively in renewable projects in the coming period, whereby the Company will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the Government of the Republic of Serbia’s goal of increasing the share of energy from renewable sources in the total energy mix to at least 40% by 2040.

“Energy stability is today a key factor and issue of national security and strategy. MK Group has so far built 3 wind farms in Vojvodina, and in May we will also open Krivača, the first wind farm in Eastern Serbia, in which we have invested 165 million euros. We are also working on the construction of an agrosolar project in Kula, and we will invest a total of 900 million euros for 1 GW of green energy in all renewable energy projects by 2026. Bearing in mind that the global demand for electricity is growing, investments must not stop. That’s why green incentives for further investments in new projects are significant,” said Mihailo Janković, Director General of MK Group.

Verica Teofilović presented examples of circular economy in companies that are part of the MK Agri-Food division at the panel “Reviving Circularity”. She spoke about the rounded system of production in the Carnex company “from farm to table”, the connection between the sugar factory and the biogas plant of the Sunoko Company in Vrbas, where by-products from sugar production are used for the production of green energy, as well as the synergy that the meat and sugar industry achieve with primary agricultural production of PIK Bečej.

“As leaders, we try to always lead positive changes and be an example of good practice.” Sustainable development is the core of MK Group’s business strategy and philosophy, which implies that we create value, not only for the company, but also for people – our employees, business partners and the wider community. In our member companies, we strive to achieve a minimal environmental impact while ensuring high-quality and efficient production. We provide an active contribution to the goals of sustainable development and the development of the circular economy, and we always look at financial indicators as well as non-financial effects, both in the field of environmental protection and in the field of social impact,” said Verica Teofilović, Financial Director of MK Group.

On the last day of this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum, MK Group will be represented by Jovan Purar, Director of the Legal and General Affairs Sector. He will talk about social responsibility and MK Group programs aimed at young people at the “Youth calls for action” panel. In addition, he will talk about the Miodrag Kostić Endowment, the future Palace of Science, which will be the first center for research and popularization of science in Serbia. With this donation of 25 million euros, Miodrag Kostić wants to enable young scientists to engage in research in the conditions of the world’s best science centers, and the Palace of Science will also open vistas for new generations, children and students.