MK Group gave away a free vacation to doctors and medical staff across the whole region


MK Group, led by its founder and owner Miodrag Kostić, has decided to provide a free three-day vacation on the Slovenian coast for 450 doctors and nurses across the region, who provided health care to the COVID-19 patients during the coronavirus epidemic, in gratitude for their professional work, dedication and readiness to help. The doctors and medical staff at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana (UKCLJ), the Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions of the University Clinical Center Maribor (UKCMB), the Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions of the General Hospital Celje, the University Clinic for Lung Diseases and Allergies Golnik will have the opportunity to enjoy a free three-day vacation at the Kempinski Palace Portorož Hotel from 15th June to 15th August, 2020. As a sign of appreciation, Miodrag Kostić, a prominent humanist with a global approach to the social responsibility, has decided to present this award not only to Slovenian but also to Serbian and Croatian doctors and medical stuff as well. 

As the expression of gratitude to the Slovenian health staff for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Jovan Purar, Director of MK Group, on behalf of the owner of Kempinski Palace Portorož Hotel, pointed out: “The corona virus pandemic has shown that the corporate social responsibility cannot be just an expression of good will of companies, but it is a necessity if we want to have a humane and a responsible society. Therefore, MK Group has decided to provide a free vacation in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia for 450 doctors and nurses from all over the region, and we are especially pleased to welcome 100 employees at Clinics and Departments for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions from Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Golnik at our Kempinski Palace Portorož Hotel. In this way, we want to give our contribution to the fight against the epidemic and at the same time to express our gratitude to those who gave the most in the fight.”

Jelena Baronik, Director of Palace Portorož Hotel pointed out on that occasion: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, MK Group, led by Miodrag Kostić, has been one of the major donors to health systems in the entire region. It is my great pleasure and honor to present to you, on behalf of Miodrag Kostić, MK Group and Kempinski Palace Portorož Hotel, a donation for a well-deserved vacation for 100 doctors and medical workers, who provided health care to patients with the COVID-19 during the pandemic. We expect our dear guests from all four COVID-19 Slovenian hospitals at our Kempinski Palace Hotel Portorož between 15th June and 15th August.”

We will be pleased to accommodate the medical staff in one of the most beautiful hotels on the Slovenian coast, with all the accompanying facilities of a luxury 5-star hotel which the Kempinski Hotel is the most famous for.

On that occasion, the Director of the UCCLJ, Janez Poklukar, pointed out: “I am convinced that the success of health care stems from the good organization of hospitals and the charitable economy and individuals, for which I express my sincere gratitude to the donor company MK Group.”

The Director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions of the UCCLJ, Tatjana Lejko Zupanc, emphasized that the donation of MK Group bears a great symbolic importance, because employees will be able to relax and rest, and a nice gesture also encourages readiness of hospital workers to work effectively in the future.

The Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions, UCCMB, Nina Gorišek Miksić, has also summarized her view of the experience in the fight against the epidemic: “We sincerely thank MK Group for a noble gesture of providing our employeee bearing the heaviest burden during the epidemics of the cororna virus with a free vacation, where they will be able to gather new strength. Such actions of donors inspire us and we are grateful to them because we are aware that our work is visible.”

The Director of the General Hospital Celje, Margareta Guček Zakošek, assessed the organization and fight against the spread of the corona virus: “Our hospital has not yet met with such circumstances and such a large-scale reorganization, as it was during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. The hospital functioned excellently, both organizationally and professionally. A completely new organization of work was and shall remain a great challenge for all employees who became very connected during the epidemic, because the borders between departments disappeared due to the establishment of new units. I am very proud of my associates and now this is an ideal opportunity for them to take a break at Kempinski Hotel in Portorož!

The Director of the University Clinic for Lung Diseases and Allergy Golnik, Aleš Rozman, said: “The epidemic required us to prepare, so to speak, overnight for measures to prevent the spread of the virus and care for the COVID-19 patients. The medical staff spent several weeks in the hospital. In this way, we risked our own health to help others. Due to the donation, we realize that the company really cares about our professional work and effort for which we sincerely thank MK Group.”

Let us remind you that the company MK Group has so far allocated almost half a million eur in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Also, MK Group made sure little Chris returned to Slovenia on a private flight during the global pandemic in difficult conditions.